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There’s a young lady named Ibawi

Upon entering this world, she knew she had a purpose and a mission to complete

As life went on, she is faced with many challenges and different life experiences

Ibawi dealt with each experience and handled it like a champ

In doing this though, she has gotten off track and fell into the mundane cycle of everyday life

She forgot the reason she came here in the first place

She forgot she is made in God’s image and meant for more than she gives herself credit for

People have tried to remind her, but she still had trouble remembering

She is the only one who can realize her power, greatness, and divineness

She is the only one who can walk in that

So Ibawi, I wish you guidance on your journey

The journey is a very personal one

I know, I know, you want to tell her of her greatness

Ibawi has to come to this realization herself though

Remember who you are, remember your greatness, remember your roots.