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A peek into the future

It’s Sunday night and movie night in the house. This week it’s the parents choice. 

The children were anxiously waiting for their parents to join them in the room. 

“Guys hurry the movie is getting ready to start.” says child one

“Ok, ok! We’re coming! Just getting the snacks.” replied the mom

The parents hurry to gather the snacks. 

The mom joins the children first. 

“Are you guys excited to watch this? Let’s see if they got it right.” says the mom

Yea, y’all are really old. They’re already making movies about things that happened in your life. ” says child two

“Yea whatever, you better wish you this fly when you get my age” the mom replies snarkingly

The father joins the rest of the family, sits down next to his wife and administers his stern voice.

“Listen, this is apart of you alls history and I want you to pay attention when you watch this. Your mother and I really lived through this and it’s important for you guys to know” the father states

“Yes, babies. We’re going to ask you questions after to make sure you were listening. Do you understand?” the mom asks

“Yes, we understand” the children reply

Child two smirks after they reply

” Dad you need to make sure mom doesn’t fall asleep like she does on all the other movies”  child two says with a chuckle

“Oh hush child”replies the mom as she throws a pillow to the child’s face

Everyone laughs

The father starts the movie

*The pandemic of the 21st century. Covid -19, police brutality, and a world that would never be the same….*

The children remain surprisingly quiet during the movie. 

Their eyes stay glued to the screen.

The movie ends

The room remains silent for a few seconds

Child one says” Woooooowwwwwwww! That really happened? Did the police really kill people like that? Were you in the riots?How did that disease even start? Did you guys have it?!!!!”

Child two who usually has a smart remark simply asks” How did we overcome ?”

The father sits right in front of the children and states 

“Well, we started by coming together as a community. We had to heal individually to build our community up.”

The parents spend the night recounting the past to their children and explain how they  got where they are now.

The children head to bed after about an hour of  the parents explaining the importance of finances,community, and self healing to the children. They explained the world went through a drastic change and people had to change with it or be left behind.

After the parents see the children off to bed, they lay together in their bed and think about all they’ve experienced in their life.

The husband asks” Damn, can you believe we survived through all that babe?”

The wife says” Yea, it’s been a lot, but we did it.” She smiles slightly

She then says ” And guess what? They’ve only seen the beginning of our growth. We got a lot more to go.”

The Husband replies” You already know”

They kiss and squeeze one another.

What a lovely movie night it was. u

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