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Let’s get right into it.

I recently listened to a podcast with Andre 3000. He was speaking on how his earlier success haunts him from exploring his creativity now. He states now it is hard for him to make music especially when it is what has funded his life and is not just for fun and expression anymore. If you haven’t listened to the full podcast, you can check it out here.

As I was listening to Andre it got me to thinking.

Many times we only see the good parts of people’s lives.

We only see the top of the glacier,but not everything that is beneath the surface of the water.

Understand that no matter how glamorous someone’s life may seem, they have the same level of struggles to go along with the glam.

It may be not as it seems

A great deal of people idolize celebrities or different ways of life. Thinking this or that will make you happier, give you more freedom and etc.

While some of the positive attributes may be true, I’m glad Andre is also presenting the other side to being a famous artist. As an artist you are literally expressing yourself. You are putting your most vulnerable self out there.

So imagine being famous and people always critiquing your art and essentially, you. If you have not been equipped to dealing with that it may affect you significantly. So much so that you are then apprehensive to make art. So think carefully about what you are getting into and weigh both sides of the situation.

Everything may not be as it seems.

Parts Unknown of Anthony

Anthony Bourdain had the picture perfect life, according to some.

At one point I even dreamed of having his life. I think many people who have the desire to travel or are foodies, pictured having a life similar to his.

He traveled the world and ate different cuisines from the countries he visited. He seemed to have access to the best underground restaurants and connect with the people that was featured on his shows on a deep level.

Then we find out that he killed himself. Everyone was trying to figure out why.

From the outside looking in, he seemed to be living an amazing life.

His story just goes to show there are always two sides to every story. I’m not here to make any speculations as to why he killed himself, because I’m not sure if people ever really know. Just presenting the fact that while many people may have said they wanted the life he had, you never know what he could have been dealing with behind the cameras.

That is why I don’t idolize anyone else’s life because I understand whatever they have that seems good also come with equal challenges.

That is just the balance of life.

So don’t ever wish for someone else’s life, because you never really know what’s really going on. Then when you end up receiving it you’ll be confused because you were only looking for the good parts.

Understand that everyone has challenges. Some people have just learned how to deal with theirs better than others.

Suicide and depression are not topics to play with and if you are currently going through it, know you are not alone.

For more assistance reach out to these hotlines.(Suicide prevention 1-800-273-8255)(Depression hotline 1-866-264-4037), loved ones, or friends.

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