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Whew! This topic has such depth. I know people associate addiction to drugs or alchohol. I want to talk about other addictions people don’t usually talk about.

You can be addicted to food, instant gratification, abuse, porn, sex. I mean just about anything you can become addicted to.

What is addiction?

You can look up the webster definition, but here’s mine. Addiction is the constant act or consumption of a substance even though you know these things have a negative affect on you. Once it gets to the point where you feel out of control, there’s a problem.

It’s funny because people can be so judgmental and hypocritical. It’s easy to point out people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, but plenty people are addicted to so many other things. It’s just the other drugs are acceptable by society. Anything that makes you lose self control is not healthy though.

My addictions

If you look at me, you may not see, but I used to be addicted to food. Growing up, I was always overindulgent when it came to food. It never was seen as a problem, because I was always petite.Except for those couple of years in high school. I’m Caribbean, so I love rice, bread, pasta, CARBS. All of it. I don’t know if those two things actually correlate, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Every time grandma made rice and peas the family knew I was eating plates of it. Every time my mother made spaghetti, I would have mountains of it. Everytime, I would go to olive garden I would have at least have like eight of the bread sticks. Of course my family felt good because I was eating more of their food. It didn’t seem to be affecting me directly. I wasn’t fat so it was ok, right?

The problem was I would eat and not even be hungry. All I would do is eat take a nap, wake up, eat, back to sleep and the cycle repeats. There was one time, we were having a family gathering and of course there was a lot of food. I was eating and I said ” you know , I don’t get full I just get tired of chewing.” Everyone laughed. Looking back I just think of how crazy it sounds. Even though it didn’t make me gain weight, I feel I was affected in other ways. I’ve always dealt with acne, I used to have strong body odor and sweat a lot. I will give it to my body, because it was working it’s ass off to keep up with my negative eating habits. How I knew I had an addiction, was when I tried to not eat any carbs for a period of time, I couldn’t do it. I would make excuses to why it was ok. I literally would crave it.

So to break my addiction I’ve picked up better eating habits. I don’t eat carbs nearly as much as I used to. It is definitely a struggle, but even when I mess up I keep going. I know after a while I will not crave it at all and be able to make the choice of when I want to eat it. Also, I eat when I’m hungry. Sounds like common sense, I know. I used to just eat to eat literally. So now, I listen to my body as to when it actually needs fuel. I still indulge from time to time, but my goal is to decide when I want to indulge and have the self control to say no.

Addiction 2

Social media.

I think this is an addiction many millennials deal with. Social media is great. It’s basically a networking event with the entire world! You can market your business, build communities, and connect to whoever you want.

My excuse for being addicted to social media is because I can feel really disconnected sometimes living abroad. Especially when I am in a transition phase such as looking for an apartment, city, community to settle in. When I am in transition phase not only am I abroad, but I haven’t had the chance to build my family abroad yet. So then, I cling to the only other source of family/community I have .

I don’t know what’s going on in the states or with my loved ones all the time and unfortunately our culture has evolved to people updating their social media before they tell their family. So I can admit that I’ve been checking social media more and more. So much so that’s it’s become a bad habit. Or should I even say an unhealthy addiction.

The problem comes when you constantly are checking social media for no reason at all. Then it becomes a distraction to your life. If you are making the conscious decision to watch for funny videos, or check a message, or look up a page that’s different. If you are constantly checking it for no reason, with no purpose behind it that’s a problem.

Checking for likes.

So what if your reason for checking social media so often is to check your likes?

Trust me I get this one. You post something. Ten minutes later no likes or ten likes or whatever amount is a small amount to you.

Then you start to think” Am I not worthy? What’s wrong with it? Maybe I should…..”

If you get many likes it validates you. As if you rely on others view of you to know that you are amazing.

The problem with both of these situations is your worthiness of yourself is in the hands of others. That is very dangerous.

You got to know whether you get ten or ten thousand likes who the heck you are. You got to know you’re the bomb digity and you don’t need anyone else to validate that.

Healthy habit or bad addiction

If you have something that you are constantly doing, but it is beneficial to you then I would consider it a healthy habit. However, if it is something that is negatively affecting your life and you still continue to do it I would consider it an addiction.

So do you have healthy habits or bad addictions?

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