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No matter where we you’re at in life there will be something you have to sacrifice. Many times you have one thing at the expense of the other. You have to figure out what you find most important and decide if you are willing to sacrifice it for the bigger picture.

Time to throw in the towel?

On my social media this past week, I asked what do people value more. Their way of life or their community.

I asked the question because I am currently facing this question myself.

To me, community is what I hold most dear to my heart. Right now, I’m living in Indonesia.

My way of life is freaking phenomenal . Imagine living in paradise. Fresh food, clean air, living next to the beach, and a relatively stress free life BUT not having a community of people to share and create experiences with.

That is my current reality. I love my way of life,but I’m missing one of my most essential things which is community. This is a relatively normal feeling when you get up and move anywhere that is not your home. You get the feeling of disconnect, of loneliness. Also, it’s going on about a year and half since I’ve had the chance to see my family.

Does that mean I should give up and go home for good?

That answer depends. For me, I feel like me living abroad right now is apart of my journey, my story, my higher purpose.

So yes, I’ve had my spells where I think maybe I’m better off being at home. At least there I’ll be comfortable and surrounded by people I love. I’ve definitely called up my father and friends and expressed my homesickness. I’m so lucky for my support system, because they just support me and listen to me. One of my friends reminded me of the great opportunity I have living abroad. When she told me that, I really felt it. Even though I’m missing one of my most essential things which is community, I have a great opportunity here and there is a reason I am here now.

Immediate loss/long-term win

Sometimes when you are the one given a specific journey, there will be certain sacrifices you have to make.

You have to decide are those sacrifices worth it. Do you feel like what you are doing and where you are is where you are meant to be?

Sometimes things are bigger than you and your immediate wants and needs.

So at this very moment I’m willing to make this sacrifice for the time being, because I feel it is necessary for the larger picture.

There is a means to the end.

Take some time to sit and figure out what sacrifices you are making right now.

Ask yourself is it worth it?

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