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Why are you waiting for Friday, why are you waiting to meet “the one”, why are you waiting to move?

You gonna be happy now or never? You gonna live now or never? What’s your choice?

Don’t neglect now

So many people, including my past self, lives in the past or future. Not really taking in the present moment. Many people put their happiness/ hope to the future or they’re still living in the past of how things used to be. They’re waiting for something or someone to start living. What if you get what you’re waiting on and that shit doesn’t give the satisfaction you were looking for? Then guess what you’re still not happy. So choose right now.

The saying ” the goal is the journey not the destination” is a classic for a reason. Yes, making goals is good to keep you motivated in life, BUT don’t miss out on your present moments. That’s the real beauty of life: EXPERIENCES. So experience. Work, play, fail, succeed, love,feel, have fun, cry, and live this shit how YOU want to do it.

Shift your perspective

It’s no better time than now to be who you want to be and enjoy every moment. If you’re going through something try to change your perspective from ” why me?” to ” I’m grateful for this challenge.” I know in the moment of your struggle this is easier said than done. It’s all a test of your mind though, and you will overcome your struggle if you just stay the course. If you do it right, your life tests should make you stronger and wiser. It’ll give you the tools to better help people who are going through the same thing.

I am guilty of not being present myself, but I realized not until I was present in my life would I really be happy. I was living in Korea for almost six months, before I was actually present there . The other time, I was either in the past or the future most of the time. Reminiscing or wishing for something different. BUT BOY, when I started living in the moment! It was like all the beauty of my current reality came to meet me. When I slowed down and really admired my present moment, I saw that it was what I needed. It has so much beauty and jewels that I overlooked, because my attention was to the past or future.

There were so many things I still wanted to experience in Korea before leaving, but didn’t get the chance to because I wasn’t always present . I learned my lesson though. I truly appreciate exactly where I am.

The presence is a present so be present .

I am here NOW. I am present NOW. I am with you NOW.

Give your attention to right now. It’s overlooked too often by the past and the future.

Simple ways that I do this is by meditating and having fun. Do something that makes you feel like a child again and in that moment you won’t be thinking about anything else. Mine is skating.

Right now, what are your thoughts? Do you recognize that maybe you live too much in the past or future? How will you practice bringing your attention back to the present moment?

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