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Clout chasers

I tend to question people’s authenticity when they do things for attention.

Whats your motive? Because honestly, if you are doing what you love, even if one person is able to take something away from it, you feel good.

This is not my first time starting a blog. To be honest, even though I’ve always been into writing , a large motivation for my first blog was money. Again, I had just graduated and those loans were staring me right in the face. So I was looking into different streams of income. I saw blogging and I thought” well I like to write, why not.” With that intention behind it, it was hard for me to follow through with it. The topics didn’t seem to come as easy,and it was like it was a chore for me. I eventually let it end.

This time around, my intentions have changed. Now it is simply to share what I learn, build community, and help one another. The topics are just flowing to me. I don’t feel pressured, because I’m not trying to get a certain amount of traction. All I hope is that it reaches who it needs to. If it’s 1 person or 300 hundred people I’m happy to be sharing either way.

Your disinterest is apparent

What’s crazy is many times people can spot the fakes. They can spot the ones who are doing it for the right reasons. Your intentions go into whatever you do.

Somebody can make the same meal as your grandmother. Use the same spices and the whole nine. For some reason though, it just doesn’t taste the same. That’s because she made it with love for her grandbaby.

What’s your intention/motivation? Are you doing what you do with love?

If not, stop it! Just stop.

We don’t want that half-ass fake mess. Do what’s authentic to you and your purpose.

Even if you are not doing exactly what you want at the moment. Still give it your all. The energy you put out is the energy you will receive.

Soon the smoke will fade and reveal your true intentions.

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