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What an honor it is to be a human having this human experience. We are such complex beings, but for some reason we limit ourselves.

This world is fixated on labels and identifying people. Once you are given a certain label or identity as something, you are expected to stay in that arena. You can’t play or even explore in any other arena. All that does is limit our full potential.

We are all creators. We grow and evolve. We all have a role to play in this world , but it’s ok to switch characters!

I used to limit myself all the time within my image. When I was younger, I think many people saw me as the “quiet , good, chill” girl. Which I was in some ways, but I was also so much more. However, I ended up getting trapped in people’s image of me, so I didn’t allow myself to explore the other parts of me.

For instance, I remember my friend was having a birthday party. Her mom got a cabin for her and her girlfriends. One of the nights we were dancing and all listening to music. Some of the other girls started twerking. I think I just sat there, but I remember specifically saying ” I don’t listen to that booty shaking music”. I was so trapped in the image of the cool quiet girl , I robbed myself of a good experience. All I can think about now is I was such a PRUDE. If I could talk to my younger self I would say “Girl BYE, just dance.” I thank goodness for growth! Needless to say, I found my inner ratchet girl. I embraced that part of me just as much as the other parts.

As many of these movies are coming out about doppelgangers and our shadow selves, it’s making people think they should neglect or remove their darker side. Instead, you should embrace both sides of yourself. You need to face your demons and then learn how to control them and use them for better, that is true power. Even the moon has a dark side.

Thankful for the realization that I can enjoy soul and ratchet music.

I can be strong and vulnerable.

I can be sexy and classy.

I can be bougie and down to earth.

I can be confident and humble.

I can silly and serious.

I can be cool and a nerd.

I can put myself first and be giving to others.

I can be introverted and extroverted.

I can be all these things and so much more. So many more things that can’t be explained/labeled because that is the depth of me. That is the depth of you. Don’t get caught up in labels or how other people see you. Do whatever it is that feels right to you. Don’t box in your glory and all you are. You are the universe, infinite and all encompassing. Act like it. PERIOD.

Once we realize we are really all the same, we’ll be able to see ourselves in everyone else. The duality of life is we are all individually unique, but also really the same.

Duality is always secretly unity-Alan Watts

In what ways have you boxed yourself in? Do you feel limited at times, because you feel you have to be a certain way?

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