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It takes a village to raise a child” is a common saying in the black community.

It means a child not only needs their mother and father, but a community of people who also love and support them along with the parents.

It means the environment in which the child grows up is also helping to raise the child and will have an affect on the adult they become.

I have been blessed to be provided with such an amazing community that helped raise me to be the woman I am today.

My community consists of my mother and stepdad, father, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunties, friends and a whole lot of honorary family.

Unyielding support

When I left for Korea, many people asked was I nervous. Or they said how brave I was for moving to a country I had never been to before. If I had any doubts about it, I had a community of people that supported me. No, all of them didn’t understand, but they did support me.

I did have some that tried to deter me specifically from Korea, because of the political climate. I had already made my mind up though, and my family knows once I make up my mind I rarely budge. So, they supported me and my decision and wished me well.

As I said, my community is not only family and friends,but it’s where I grew up.

Two up, two down: VA

Honestly, I didn’t really want to claim Virignia until a couple years ago. I was born in New York and wanted to be northern so bad.

However, I couldn’t hide what state really raised me for long. Everything that makes me is Virginia. My slight southern twang, my slow moving pace, my hustle to succeed. I can only speak for the hampton roads area, but VA provided me with such a close knit environment. After a while, everybody starts to know everybody or knows somebody who knows somebody.

Virginia was the space I grew from a girl to a young woman. It was where I recognized who I was and started being comfortable with being her. It was where I had the best HBCU experience at THE Norfolk State University and also got to experience a predominately white institute( PWI) at Old Dominion University.Both of those schools taught me so much in so many different ways. It was where I realized every city/area really does have it’s own personality and feel. It was the place where I have made some of the best relationships of my life. The place that although it seems so small you’ll find new things about it all the time, if you look for it.

Virginia is home to so many creatives, influencers, and world changers( including myself ahem.)

Just to shout a few of the local talent Tonio( creator of beRARE), Larry( creator of Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul), Paul of Musical Wordsmith, Sasha of the In Between Series, Niyah of Everyday Dope Life, Olumuyiwa of mstrkuku, and Addie Rawr. Just to name a verrrrry small amount.

The creative community is growing rapidly so be prepared to see so much talent coming out of Virginia.

I love my community and where I’m from. No matter where I go, I will always remember where I came from.

You got to have a good foundation before you can go anywhere else and expect to succeed.

I just want to thank not only my mother and father for bringing me here, but my stepdad, my aunties, uncles, friends, cousins,grandparents, family friends, and Virginia for helping to mold me.

I love you and thank you, because without you there would be no me. All love!

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