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 Money ain’t got no soul, money ain’t got no heart- Mama odie

As most people I am a very complex, contradictory person. In some ways, I’d say I enjoy the simpler ways of life. However, I like the finer things as well. It’s a part of my duality and depth, which I discuss more in my duality post. I like things that smell good, taste good, feel good. Anything that appeals to my senses basically. Sometimes, these things can be more expensive. As I was growing up, my mom would always say ” you sure do have expensive taste, you better have an expensive taste job.” I thought “She’s right! Whatever I do in life I better make a lot of money.” 

The beginning of my chase of the money

Let me go back to grade school days for a bit. This is when conditioning to join the work force first started. I always remember looking through the book of jobs and thinking “None of these are really peaking my interest.” However, I knew I wanted to make a lot of money and at the time a doctor had one of highest salaries. Therefore, that became my first career choice. There were other things that appealed me to becoming a doctor such as it being in the health field or me being able to work with children as a pediatrician. However, the number one reason was the money. From that decision, I attended the health and sciences academy in high school. It was a program that is like a fast track in the field. I was two years into the academy and realized, I didn’t really want to be a doctor. I dropped out of that program.

Then I would say for about a year, I jumped from field to field. I thought about being an engineer, food critic, mechanic. Then, my senior year of high school I took a psychology class. I loved it! I was so intrigued by it that I chose it as my major in college. While psychology was closer to my purpose, it wasn’t exactly it. I loved the study of it and the idea of one day having my own practice. However, I started questioning if I really wanted to take on talking to troubled people all day, everyday. I realized that I like having conversations, a give and take. I didn’t just want to be the person someone dropped their problems on. I also started to listen to people say I wouldn’t make any money in the field. My doubt topped with the outside opinions of others, led me to change my route.

I started researching tirelessly. I eventually came across a field called Speech Language Pathology(SLP).One of my passions has always been to travel the world. So part of my research criteria was jobs that I can travel with. Not only did being an SLP give me the option to travel with it, it also didn’t require much more schooling. To practice, I would have to get a master’s and the job outlook looked pretty good. I thought it was a perfect choice at the time. It was still kind of in the health field, I could’ve traveled with it, I could’ve had my own practice, and made good money. It seemed to check all of my boxes. 

Chasing my mission

So I finished my bachelor’s degree, and then it was time to go to graduate school. Reality hit me hard after receiving my loans from my bachelor’s degree. I wasn’t sure if I was willing to take out more loans for my master’s degree. That is when I started asking myself more questions. I asked myself was I really into SLP to take out more loans for it. I knew that I was kind of so-so about the field. I loved the perks that came along with it, and I did find it interesting ,but it wasn’t my life’s mission. Then, I had to ask myself if I don’t go to graduate school, what would I do….

Honestly, one of the first fields that came to my mind was massage therapy. I’ve always loved getting them and I believe in the healing powers of them 100%. Something told me it wasn’t the right time for it,  continue to look into other options. So I did, and I found out about teaching English abroad. When I started researching, I thought it was a great opportunity at the time. I was so excited, I started researching which country I would choose as my first country.

South Korea ended up having the best overall deal. As, I am writing this,  I am about one month from it being a full year in Korea. What a year of growth it has been. My thoughts and feelings about this experience/Korea has definitely been a roller coaster. That’s a whole other post on my experience in Korea.

What I will say is, this experience has definitely made me realize my mission. It has made me realize I am on this Earth for a reason, and that is my highest purpose in life. It has made me realize that there will never be enough money to find satisfaction. It has made me realize to live in the moment as much as I can. It has made me realize that I love my life and I’m grateful.It’s made me realize I am meant to be build my own thing.

I just want to spread love and positivity in the best ways I can. One of those ways is through writing. So I hope y’all can relate to some of these posts and find something to take away from it. 

As I said I am exploring massage, writing, videos, and so much more that will be apart of this community, theoasis13. I quit chasing the money, now just committed to my mission. Thank you for stopping by, hope it’s not the last time.

Anyways, I’m on the journey to walking in my purpose and fulfilling my mission. I’m so excited to share my gifts with the world and walk in my purpose. I’m so excited to share my journey with you! 

What’s your mission/purpose in this life? What circumstances allowed you to realize what it is?

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  1. You are in incredible “tall person” idk if you remember me but from what I just read I was and presently am going through same problem finding what my true mission is.

    1. Thank you. What does “tall” represent? How could I forget your silly tail lol? Take your time though. It’s all in your journey. Sometimes things may happen that may push you toward it,that you’re not even aware of. You will figure it out. Just continue to do the best you can do. From being around you, you’re very good at making other people smile and laugh. Maybe that can be apart of it.

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